Hair Designs

Adult Haircut                             $20 and up

Students (17 and under)             $15 and up

Children (12 and under)             $10 and up

Bang Trim                                 $5 and up

Wash, Blowdry, & Style              $20 and up

Formal Updos                            $40 and up

Bridal Updos                              $60 and up

(Sundays or Travel)            $75


Hair Coloring Techniques


New Growth Retouch            $40 and up

Full Color Coverage              $50 and up

With Haircut                        $70 and up

Corrective Coloring               $85 and up




Partial Foil                          $60 and up

With Haircut                       $85 and up

Full Foil                              $75 and up

With Haircut                    $100 and up

Cap Highlighting                  $50 and up

With Haircut                    $70 and up

*Prices vary according to stylist

Permanent Wavings

Full Perm                             $50-65

With Cut                              $65 and up

Relaxers                               $80 and up

Hair Extensions

 SO.CAP Hair Extensions            $11/strand

Feather Locks Hair Extensions     $15/feather

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